The primary focus of Burma Community Builders is to build high quality schools in threatened regions along the border of Burma.

Burma Community Builders selects location to build schools based on need, the support of the local community, and a realistic view of safety conditions. Discussions are held with the village leaders and stakeholders months before a project begins.

BCB supports the financial cost of building and sustaining each school built. This includes the purchasing of materials, the hiring of skilled labor, and additional financial costs necessary to build and sustain the school for a maximum of five years. In order to encourage high levels of community investment in the success of the school, we require that the community provides the manual labor to build the school, and a village committee be formed to coordinate the upkeep and development of the school.

Featured Project

Kaw Lah Hay Youth Preparatory Academy

Opened May 31st, 2010

Kaw Lah Hay Youth Preparatory Academy opened in an Internally Displaced Persons camp along the Salween River inside Burma. The school currently teaches 30 students but has the capacity to teach up to 200 students. It consists of 8 classrooms, dormitories, a community center, and land for agricultural use.

Students in attendance all come from internally displaced villages throughout the jungles of Eastern Burma. All classroom materials and living expenses are provided by Burma Community Builders.

How you can help

$15 Support a student's education costs for a month
$30 Support at teacher's salary for a month
$150 Support a student's education for an entire year
$5,000 Build a school
$5,000 Support a school, students, and teachers for one year
$50,000 Construction and support of one school for five years

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